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Looking to Sell?

Know your property.

If you are not already, become familiar with such facts about your property as property taxes, lot size, square footage and average monthly utility costs. Ensure you have a current “Real Property Report”.

Look at your property.

Look at it from the perspective of both the prospective buyer and the inspector. Take notes on all items that need to be repaired or replaced. Never cover up any latent defects. Things to consider include:


  • Does it need a new coat of paint or does the siding need to be cleaned.
  • If it is a house with a yard, is the lawn and landscaping attractive and well-kept?
  • If it is a condo, you can’t do much about the building, but is the front door and balcony appealing?
  • Are the windows and doors in good condition and clean?
  • Are the sealants in good condition?
  • Is the roof in good condition?
  • Is the yard in good condition?


  • Are the interior paints and finishes in good condition, or do they need to be freshened up? This is one area thats low cost and high impact.
  • Are the appliances in good working order?
  • Are the plumbing and electrical systems in good condition?
  • Are the carpets or other floor coverings clean and in good condition?
  • Are the sealants (sink, shower, tub, windows) in good condition?
  • Are all light fixtures working properly, and is there good lighting in each room so that prospective buyers won’t think you’re hiding something?

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Select your Real Estate Professional

Set up interviews, get referrals from friends and family. Have the Real Estate Professional provide a comparable market analysis and listing presentation. Make sure you feel comfortable with the Real Estate Professional, see what they offer for services and how will they market your home.

Find and Make Arrangements for the Home You Will be Moving To

Unless you have already built or bought a new residence, you’ll need to be the “buyer” for a new property while simultaneously being the “seller” for your current one. If possible, schedule both transactions to close at the same time, or else close your purchase shortly before closing your sale. You need to be moved out before the new owners take possession.

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